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I began my professional journey at age 20, working in the"interactive media" industry in San Francisco with Red Sky Films. In 1997, I went to work for a small animation studio, called PIXAR, which of course now is one of the largest and most well known animation studios in the world. Since then I have been working in the areas of creative production, business leadership and corporate management.


How I Can

Help You

Whether you are looking to change your career, change your habits, change your relationships, or change your outlook on life, I am here to listen, guide, and co-create, with you, a new path forward. Using the lessons of leadership, self-responsibility, right action and planning and pro-activity, you will have the opportunity to uncover, discover and access your higher wisdom, learn new tools and set up practices that support your way of being to assist you in becoming the person who you know you really are and have the kind of relationships you really want. Let's discover together a new path forward and it all starts NOW.

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